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              [newspaper clipping]
  From Boston we learn of the death at the age
of 70 of Mr. George H. Chickering, last sur-
viving son of Jonas Chickering, founder of the
oldest American firm of pianoforte makers, and
the supposed inventor, or at any rate the adaptor,
of the complete iron frame for pianos.  Jonas
Chickering who was born in New Hampshire in
1798, was induced by James Stewart (who
afterwards was connected with the house at
Collard�s) to start a pianoforte factory in Boston
in 1823.  It was not till 1837, however, that Jonas
Chickering made his first iron-framed piano,
and the idea, it is claimed, had been anticipated 
by Thom and Allen, and other British makers.
Jonas Chickering died in 1853, and his son 
George has been head of the firm.               
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