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Text for Page 013 [01-15-1852]

              of Historee Burlesques for the Lantern.  Back
and drawing during the Evening, I think for
the Reveille. 
  16.  Friday.  Down town with Reveille
drawing &c.       Back, and at work all day
commencing Outline Burlesque of �Columbus and
his followers landing on Cat Island.�      At about
seven there came a tapping at the door, whereon
I anticipating some feminine nuisance eager to antici-
pate fifty cents or a dollar of board money, shouted 
�come in!�     And in came � Alf Waud!
He had some weeks back set off to walk hither
from Boston, in mid-winter, had experienced
all sorts of difficulties on the route, done
a little in the hungry way, chiselled an hotel-
keeper of a nights-lodging, and provant for the
day;  been attacked by and killed a big dog
in the snow,  and finally halted at Spring-               
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