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Text for Page 086 [12-04-1862]

                 and of the N. Y. Times.
now his wife.   Bellew always abused the Cin-
cinatti people and had, I suspect, been furious-
ly hard-up there and dunned.           He declared
that the hotel proprietors would retain your
baggage if you didn�t pay �em in advance
and much more.     I think Hamilton befriend-
ed him, wherefore he returned it when the
architect came to New York, and puffed him
on every available occasion.     But architect-
ture didn�t pay in the Empire City, so Hamil-
ton tried sundry things, journalism among
the rest.   I believe he �edited� or furnished
a monthly column of feeble jocularities for
a feeble monthly, the Family Something or other.
Also he wrote letters to a Cincinnatti paper
and � I think through Bellew�s introduction
� got to furnish occasional editorials for
the Times.    Once he projected selling sand-
wich boxes, of a peculiar construction, desig-
ned by Bellew, to railway travellers, but
Mrs Hamilton thought it wouldn�t pay.  She
had her husband under subjection, deposed
Haney.     Hamilton had been at Fortress Mon-
roe for the Times, but had seen nothing of the
war; now they sent him in high glee on the
Banks expedition.     He had also got a dupli-
cate commission to sketch for Harpers, on
a retaining fee of $10 per week; his sketches               
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