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Text for Page 087 [12-04-1862]

              F. Schell, Artist of Frank
to be paid for in addition.   In consequence
he often neglected the Times� duty for this,
extra emolument.     He wrote pretty well, in
decent average English, but was conventional
and old stylish in all his notions and ways
of expressing himself: he would introduce
such rot as �my brethren of the quill� &c.
Generally he was �too civil by half� and
got himself rather disliked by harder natures
who didn�t make allowances for the inherent
amiability and weakness of the man�s charac-
ter.      An uneasy person he found it difficult
to be quiet.            Schell, the artist, was a
middle-sized, broad-faced observant fellow,
whose countenance indicated his German des-
cent.     A Philadelphian born, and brought up
as a lithographic draftsman he had a good
deal of a ability and drew with more accuracy
and conscientiousness than many of his craft.
He had great relish for humour and I
got to like him very much, in spite of his ha-
ving been a pro-slavery-democrat � a Bell-
Everett man � who had become locally prominent
during the last presidential election.   Like
Lowell�s pious editor, he believed
	�That liberty�s a kind o� thing
		As don�t agree with niggers,�
and the progress of the war hadn�t converted               
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