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Text for Page 014 [01-16-1852]

              field where he had taken employ with a certain 
Gilder, and worked with him, (having a
London pick-pocket for confrere,) for some weeks,
and from thence came hither by rail; having
some three or four dollars in pocket, in
good health, and marvellously seedy in appear
ance.          Sate up conversing together, of
Boston, of Maine, of New Hampshire and
Vermont, of wanderings hither and thither,
of the great Gleason; Browns amours and
a thousand other matters, and an hour or
so past midnight to bed, � together.
  17.  Saturday.    Waud out looking for employ
as gilder, which he could not find.  I my-
self hard at work in doors, I think not
stirring out, or if so, not for long.   Davis
called in the evening.
  18.  Sunday.  Drawing &c.  In the               
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