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Text for Page 091 [12-04-1862]

                     The Departure of
ell used to speak with great respect of
Croly of the World and also of the writings of
his wife, and the young man�s standard of lite-
rary excellence was evidently no high one, yet
his native sense kept him from perpetrating
such absurdities as did Hamilton and Hayes,
nor was he so wordly and sloppy as A. C. Hills,
who emancipated from the rather pedantic
standard of the Evening Post, �took it out� in
thoroughly Heraldic verbiage.        To return
to the North Star, from this long digression.
Very soon Boweryem was inspired by the
knowledge that the Post had no
correspondent aboard, so he set off down
town to try and get an engagement to accom-
pany us.    Meantime I had talked with Ham-
ilton, his wife and two children, who came
to see him off, and partaken of applejack with
the two Hills.   Loafing; confusion; irregu-
lar introductions.      Ashore after the exhaust-
ion of the applejack, to a tavern with the
Hills and the Associated Press telegrapher,
one Amos Leonard.     Whiskey-skins, dupli-
cated and triplicated.       An Italian playing
on the harp and singing a song with the
burden of �Viva Garibaldi!�   Back to the
North Star and got a berth assigned me
in a cabin on deck, by Lieut. Col. Irwin,               
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