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Text for Page 092 [12-04-1862]

                      The North Star.
Banks� Assistant-Adjutant General � the
which person was a supercilious beast, who
got himself immensely detested afterwards by 
everybody.     My cabin lay aft and I shared
it with Hamilton and the Boston Hills, occupy-
ing the top-berth.      So the day passed.      We
did not get off till near 5, Gen. Banks 
coming on board from the Battery.    Here
too, A. C. Hills and Schell returning from
ashore, where they had been to get dinner,
were accompanied in their boat by Bowery-
em, whom I did�nt see and who hadn�t
been engaged for the Post on the grounds that
it already possessed a correspondent on board.
So the little man put back again without
ascending to the deck of the North Star.  A
confused tea or supper, as we lay off the Bat-
tery, and much pacing up and down on
deck afterwards.   Anon turned into berth,
in one�s clothes all but shirt and boots, cover-
ed by the same hairy old Talma or coat-cloak
which I�ve had any tie this ten years,
and which served as a substitute for a blanket.
Mind over-lively, increased by my not having
slept last night, except towards morning.
  5.  Friday.   Out dressed before day break.
A raw, chilly, splashy prospect.   Fellows up
and washing under difficulties.   An early               
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