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Text for Page 093 [12-05-1862]

                     The first day out.
and very bad breakfast.   On the wet deck.
Speculations as to our destination, the pre-
dominant opinion being Texas, as especially
evidenced by the presence of ex-U. S. Senator
Hamilton of that state, recently appointed 
Colonel and �military governor� of it � before
it had been conquered.       Talk, loafing, im-
bibition, reading, scribbling &c.    Recognized
by a Captain Cowie, whom I had met at
the dinner-table of Gen. Hooker on the battle-
field of Williamsburg, a good looking young
fellow, Commissary to Gen. Grover.      On
deck.   Heavy rain.   Our vessel not steaming
very fast.        A good band on board belonging
to the 41st Mass, sometimes called the
�piano forte-first,� from the fact that its colo-
nel was one Chickering, son to a great Boston
manufacturer of those instruments.   By 3 P.M.
down stairs, hoping for dinner.     A. C. Hills
faint with hunger having missed his breakfast.
We have taken our places when we discover that
our meal is to be deferred for full two hours.
Exhaustion and exasperation.    We wait amid
the dash of knives and forks and the blare
of the band upstairs.       Very hungry.   After
the officers had had their dinner a talk with
the steward.    Promises of prog � presently
redeemed.     In cabin; on deck; talks with               
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