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Text for Page 096 [12-05-1862]

                    �Jack Hamilton�
sea sickness, prostrating poor A. G. Hills:
I am all right, as usual.     To berth and a
sound nights sleep, of just three naps.
  6.  Saturday.   A sunny, breezy morning,
and a flock of wild sea-birds akin to those
haunting Calypso�s grotto in Homer, swooping
and plunging over the broad foam-track in
our wake:
�All who unto their work on the briny billow awa-
On deck, exhilarant.  Talk with Shaw and
the �Governor.�  The former was a little, dap-
per, spectacled man, not thirty, a New York
lawyer, approbative, good humored and lively,
a curious contrast to the Texan, his chief,
whom I got to like extremely, as a good speci-
men of the Southern unionist, an honest, rugged
patriot (in the best sense of that much abused
word) who had been hunted for his life and
suffered terribly for his opposition to secession.
He didn�t cackle about it, either, but when
one got intimate with him, would tell of circum-
stances which more than touched you.  He had
been present at his daughter�s funeral, when to
do so was to risk his life; he had had to
leave his wife and children in the midst of
enemies to live like a hunted animal.   He used
to talk to me about his children, till you could               
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