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Text for Page 015 [01-16-1852]

              afternoon Moorhouse came up, to invite me
to his room, and about 4 I descended. He,
Reynolds, Bland, Nagle, and more two
others there.   Singing with piano forte accom-
paniment, national songs &c, with imbib-
ition and fumigation to any extent.  The
little shrewd pleasant-voiced boy, Bland�s son
sang several songs, being held by the hands the
while, inasmuch as he twisted and writhed in
most strange fashion, the which I found to
be owing to Saint Vitus�s dance.  /   How
well the players are described in Gil Blas.
Moorhouse sang songs at a great rate and
made speeches.  /   Bland found out the
passage in Shakspeare wherein that Mosey
word �muss� is to be found.   It is in
Antony and Cleopatra.  /     Some of em played
Whist, and them Poker.  I looked on.               
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