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Text for Page 102 [12-08-1862]

                  Voyaging Southwards.
ciously agreed to tear �em up in concert, and
did so.         A generally harmonic day.  A sing-
ing party comprising Hamilton, Schell, Hayes,
Howell, myself and another, sitting on deck
and doing �John Brown,� our chorus being
presently reinforced by a musical sergeant,
who had escoused himself under cover of some boxes
and bellowed forth such a �Glory Hallelujah!�
as to startle us � it might have proceeded
from lungs of brass.     He joined us and others,
and our singing party waxed tremendous.    Des-
cending into Gov. Hamilton�s cabin and talk-
ing with him, it presently appeared that he
and Shaw knew the Blankmans � had, indeed,
seen �Bill� with his black eye in New York.  Up-
roarous mirth thereon.
  9.  Tuesday.   A finish morning.    Addressed
by a rough-looking fellow in soldiers costume,
who makes a rambling statement about the
objects of the voyage and himself, declaring him-
self a Philadelphian and a wagon-master,
and acquaintance of Gen. Banks and much more.
He offers me his services, a horse, transporta-
tion &c, says he has two names, Harbell
his assumed one, Godsal his real &c.  Quitting
him, I am informed by little Hayes that the
fellow is a notorious scamp, �dead-beat� and
�confidence man,� that he got kicked out of the               
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