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Text for Page 103 [12-09-1862]

                 Voyaging Southwards.
Metropolitan Hotel in New York for passing
himself off as an aide-de-camp of Mc Clellan:
that he has been put in irons on board, is ser-
vant to a doctor and a rogue generally.       I 
infer his object in addressing me was some
wild hope of getting his name mentioned in
the Tribune.        A brief talk with Gen. Banks,
in conjunction with Hamilton.    Scribbling
awhile on deck.      In cabin.   Weather rolly.
Lunch in the hospitable cabin, as usual.    Eve-
ning beginning a sea letter to the Tribune.   Ale
with A. C. Hills.        We are now off the extreme
point of the peninsula of Florida.         Up to 12 1/2
P. M. in Gen. Hamilton�s cabin with him and
Shaw, and Hamilton of the Times.
  10.  Wednesday.  A lovely day; scribbling
awhile.    Stood beer to Hills (A. C.) and Howell.
Loafing.      A doze after dinner.     Hamilton�s
song in rehearsal in our cabin: five soldiers
present, with door and window shut on
a sultry afternoon.    A �Serenade� to Gen. Banks.
Reading �Orley Farm.�  Mutual confidences of
Shaw and Herbert, both telling me how they
detest one another.  Shaw had a talk with
Gen. Banks and pronounced him �not sound�
on anti-slavery principles.   A. C. Hills dis-
coursing of the practices of the �Sous of Malta,�
of which he had been Head Something-or-other,               
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