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Text for Page 104 [12-10-1862]

                   In the Gulf of Mexico.
I think Chancellor � during the prevalence of
that organized foolery and obscenity, which num-
bered among its numerous victims Mort Thomson
Haney and Boweryem, as I had known before.
Boweryem had been �initiated� in Hills� presence,
and I heard all about it, and about the mock
duel in which my little friend was victimized,
at the Phalanx.   Hills had been Jack Arnold�s
second on that absurd occasion.    Story about
the celebration of the 4th of July on Long Island,
in which Addey was burlesqued, and others.
Up till 11.      A wind-up in the Texan cabin,
as usual.
  11. Thursday.   A lovely morning, shoal
after shoal of flying-fish accompanying our
progress.       Passed the Arago, in the distance
� a big steamer.       We pass the Tortugas by
1. A. M.  Reading �Orley Farm.�  Scribbling.
Lunch with Shaw, the two Hamiltons, and
Judge Peabody.   On deck: sultry.     Loafing,
scribbling, reading.     Scribbling during the
evening in the saloon, with Hamilton emulating
me.     Vessel creaking, officers played cards.
Finished a letter to Charley.
  12.  Friday.   In the Gulf of Mexico.   Still,
warm, sunny weather.  Reading in a desultory
manner, loafing, smoking and general intimacy.
With Burt, Capt. Herbert and Gen. Hamilton.               
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