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Text for Page 108 [12-14-1862]

                       To New Orleans.
we were at New Orleans, when Gen. Banks
went ashore, and presently Gen. Hamilton,
and staff, with them, also our correspondent of
the Times, who was therefore reprobated by
the rest of us, on having endeavoured to steal
a march on the community.     Wrote letter to the
Tribune, finishing the voyage up to the date
of our arrival at New Orleans, which letter
was printed simultaneously with that on pages 
71, 73 &c, but being on the opposite side of
the paper (of which I got but one copy, and
that by accident) is not here inserted.
  15.  Monday.   All of us desirous of going
ashore, but we do not effect it until after
some delay, Col. Chickering feeling official,
which is to say donkeyish.      Presently the
North Star is laid alongside of the levee, when
we go ashore on our own responsibility.   A
miscellaneous crowd of white and black await-
ing us.       Some persons apparently living under
the levee, the tide being low.     The first sight
of New Orleans reminded me of Cincinatti.   With
A. G. Hills, Schell, Howell and Hayes to
the St. Charles, negro boys carrying our
baggage, The great city looked depressed
and half-dead; we passed through streets
in which all the stores were closed, many of
them displaying placards signifying that �this               
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