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Text for Page 016 [01-18-1852]

              Presently they had supper � a very good
notion of a bachelor�s supper too. Oysters
stewed, hare and chickens, champagne
for accompaniment.   Then followed more
singing &c.       Previously however divers as-
tonishing choruses had been perpetrated, some
not of the most decent.            One quaint one
weak thus.         First Singer commenced, suiting
action to word
	�One finger and thumb keep moving
		To drive dull care away! �
Others joined in, and increasing in exhortation
�two� fingers followed, and finally it reached
	�Two arms and two legs keep moving
			Keep Moving! � �
On which they were all jumping up and
down like-insane Shaking Quakers, in
a Terrifically ludicrous manner.   The               
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