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Text for Page 110 [12-15-1862]

                          In New Orleans.
me to take a stroll about the city.    Handsome
houses, ordinary ones, square, paven street-gut-
ters, women in mourning, negresses, small
stores, �wholesale� streets like �down town� in New
York, �Secesh� glances of women and object-look-
ing men.     Returning towards the St. Charles, went
to a market and to Poydras Street, purchasing
a light coat for $2.     To the hotel.  People there,
including Gens. Banks, Augur and Grover, the
objectionable Irwin and others.    Up in room
with A. G. Hills and two naval acquaintances
who had known him in the early part of the
year, during the capture of New Orleans.   One 
of them was drunk and both talked bawdy,
principally about a certain �Brigadier-General
Dick,� a notorious harlot, who had
got or assumed that name.    One, named Powers,
had been present at the bombardment of Forts
Philip and St Mark and knew Will. Waud,
who had seen the engagement from the foretop 
of the Mississippi, in his company, and that
of sundry bottles of whiskey.    He had got drunk
with Waud often, Powers said.         I left the
three presently and went out and got an oys-
ter dinner at a restaurant kept by a Span-
iard.    His testimony as to the changed condition
of things in his business was suggestive.  �Gen-
tle men would give you $20 in the morning               
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