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Text for Page 111 [12-15-1862]

                        At New Orleans.
(in payment for a meal) he said �and $50
in the evening.  They didn�t care for money;
they could always get plenty more.�  Another
stroll, the �Norther� still prevalent, the weather
very cold and disagreeable.     Returned to the
St Charles as the lamps were being lit.     Joined
the rest of the fellows: talk of an expedition up
the river to attack Baton Rouge.    Capt. Mc Clure
takes down the names of all who propose to go,
to get permits.     A proposition to go to the theatre
or opera.    In Capt. Herbert�s room; down stairs
again; up in my room.       A. C. Hills, Schell
and myself scribbling.   Enter A. G. Hills.  A. C.
and I finishing our work by 11 turned out
and ate an oyster-supper, returning in an hour�s
time to find A. G. toiling painfully at his
letter, worried, nervous, anxious and be-
devilled.    To bed leaving him scribbling. Woke
  16.  Tuesday.}       up at 2, found him asleep
with his clothes on.    Turned down the gas and
to bed again.       Aroused at 4, washed all over,
dressed.     Hills scribbling and packing, nervous
and miserable.      Aroused t�other fellows.  Hurry
and worry.    Down-stairs at length in the gloomy
rotunda, at the bar, fussing about underclothing
given out to be washed that morning.   An attempt
at breakfast.        In the little bar room conrtiguous
to the office found Phil. Ripley, whom I had               
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