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Text for Page 112 [12-16-1862]

                     Up the Mississippi.
known on the Evening post, now here as the
New Orleans correspondent of the World, very
drunk and talking to Hills (A. C.) and
Howell.  Me he recognized and welcomed en-
thusiastically, only demurring at my representing
�such a d____d black republican sheet as the
Tribune.�      Off in a carriage with A. C. Hills
and Howell, to the old North Star, where
the other fellows arrived afterwards.  Hamilton
had vacillated very much about it, being, in
truth afraid of danger, but he did show up
at last.     Appearance of Gen. Grover, who had
command of the expedition, and his staff.    The
inevitable delay.     Got off by 10, and steamed
up the Mississippi.     A cold, sunny day.   Tents
on shore, lonely plantations, negroes.    All day
thus the gun-boats ahead of us, the transports
following.   Came to anchor near Donaldson-
ville.        A most picturesque sight, a bon-
fire blazing on shore, kindled by some encamp-
ed soldiers, the transports on the still water, 
with colored lamps in their rigging and the many
stars shining magnificently overhead.   Below
a striking scene, as many soldiers as could
crowd into the spacious saloon of the North Star
having assembled, Gen. Grover and the officers
at the further end, and the chaplain Lane, of
the 41st Mass. addressing them with prayer               
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