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Text for Page 115 [12-17-1862]

                       Baton Rouge, and
flotilla had been fired on he sweetly responded
that the Essex would not have left a grease spot 
of Baton Rouge.    It was a d____d Secession hole
anyway, he remarked further and he believed
in doing things in the rough.  He talked also of
the fight at the place in August, when
Williams got killed.    I got a bullet-mould
(which I gave subsequently to Jack Edwards)
and some other �trophies.�   Crossing a street
we came upon a woman who avowed herself �a
Yankee� though long a resident of Baton Rouge,
with one or two slaves.      She complained that a
shell had burst in her garden and objurgated
the rebel troops who had run away, declaring 
that she hated cowards.    One of her slaves, not
a bad-looking mulatto girl, got us a glass
of water.   Returning to the North Star, we
of the press got to scribbling, being presently
joined by Hamilton and A. G. Hills.      Our work
had to be done hurriedly and under some dis
advantages, for we didn�t know but that the
returning gun-boat by which we wanted to send
our letters to New Orleans would not start every 
minute, there was a great bustle aboard, the
servants were setting out dinner in the saloon
in which we wrote, while overhead the brass
band of the 41st Mass was playing in a mad-
dening manner.   I had a terrible headache               
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