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Text for Page 117 [12-18-1862]

                   On board the North Star,
by the military party, who were generally very
much engrossed with ideas of their own importance.
Hence the captain regarded all passengers, military
or civil, as nuisances, and we, unoffending reporters,
being but imperfectly recognized by his assistants
had fared but poorly.         So Hayes, falling into
conversation with the curt captain, had innocently
added fuel to the flame of anger that was con-
suming him by telling him that he, the captain,
�ought to be proud� of his recent office, when an
explosion followed, on which we based our �sell.�
To remedy it the lad went to the captain and
steward.    After some laughter, a better state of
things was inaugurated and we invited to share
the captain�s table.      Ashore, after dinner, in
boat.    Gen. Grover, Major Robinson and others
on the levee.    A ramble, the particulars of
which are detailed in the Tribune letter on
the opposite page.  I wrote one, as told, about the
capture of Baton Rouge, but it was printed on
t�other side of the page containing the voyage of
the North Star.                Loafing on deck in the
evening, spouting poetry and telling stories with
Schell and Howell.
  19.  Friday.   A day aboard.  Scribbling.
  20.  Saturday.   The North Star up against 
the wharf.   With Schell and Howell into the city,
the particulars related in Tribune letter on               
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