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Text for Page 120 [12-20-1862]

                   Return to New Orleans.
the adjacent pages.   When we returned
to dinner we found that Lieut. Bogart, a
very friendly young fellow had tumbled down
the open hatchway of the North Star, to the
bottom of the vessel, escaping however with a
bad cut or two on the head and a severe shaking.
He might have been killed.  Writing to Hannah.
  21.  Sunday.   Down the river to New Or-
leans.    Writing to my mother and to the Tri-
bune.    Reached the big city by 4 P. M.,
which looked pretty lively, there being many
vessels there, among them the Rinaldo, a Bri-
tish frigate.      To the St Charles� Hotel;
visits from A. G. Hills and Hamilton, who
told us that A. C. Hills had departed for
Baton Rouge that day.    Winser of the Times,
whom I knew at Port Royal here, from Flo-
rida.       An invitation to the reportorial craft
in general to sup at Col. T. B. Thorpe�s,
City Surveyor, formerly my old acquaintance
as editor of Frank Leslie�s paper.x    With
Winser, Howell, A. G. Hills, Hayes and
Strother, went thither accordingly.  Strot-
her, the �Porte Crayon� of Harpers,x very well
known both as artist and magazinist, was
one of the ugliest, most monkeyish looking 
men I have ever seen, but clever withal;
a Virginian and a travelled man.    Old
		x Page 127.               
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