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Text for Page 046 [10-29-1849]

              day next for payment � (which I don�t think they can avoid.)
Called at Butlers for block, and in the evening made the sketch
for it.	      This day got a letter from Mr Hart (enquiring price of �Cholera� Sketches)
  31. Wednesday.  Drew Butlers thing on the wood �a la Gilbert,�
in the morning.  In the afternoon took it over to him, and got another
little thing to do for a dollar and half.   No matter. I�d refuse
nothing, however poorly paid, rather than be idle.  Returning,
having seen by the paper that the old Wenham was in port walked down 
all the quays on the North River, with the intent to have a look at her � 
but could-not find her.  Mighty cold.   Over to town again, with Wing
in the evening � seeing about an over coat in Chatham Street � as the
weather is cruelly chilly.
        November /
  1. Thursday. Drawing little vase with flowers for Butler in the
morning.  Deathlike cold all the time too. In the afternoon putting
portfolios and drawings in order. Evening bit of a walk out into the
clear frosty night with Wing � enquiring about prices of stove.  Boy came
for block.
  2. Friday.  Twice over to New York, to Dewitts and Davenports,
to get Sartain�s bill on them turned into paper four and two pences.
Effected it the second time. Then   walked down unlimited docks
in the East River for the rest of the afternoon, but did not find               
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