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Text for Page 129 [12-23-1862]

                 Departure of Gen. Butler.
St. Charles Street to Gen. Hamilton�s.    Shaw,
Leland and others there.     In the rear room;
drinks.    Arrived of Major Harry � or Harai,
as he affectedly spelt it � Robinson from Baton
Rouge.     Howell had lent him his revolver � a
neat �Colt� � which the Major had lost from his
belt while riding.    Stories and talk.        Back
to the St Charles in carriage with Shaw and
the colonel, the night proving rainy.
  24.  Wednesday.   Rose latish.   After wait-
ing awhile in rotunda for Schell (who had gone
to take a bath and missed me) went to the
levee with a Major Halstead � brother to �Pet�
Halstead of the Phil. Kearny correspondence � to
witness the departure of Ben. Butler from New
Orleans.    A sunny pleasant day, a great crowd
cheering, the guns banging a Major-General�s
salute, the people on hogsheads and barrels,
the vessel in the stream.        Saw Gen. Hamil-
ton talking to somebody.     To the Empire
Parish, the steamer alluded to in the letter
on page 115.     Halstead is an aide of Gen.
Augur; he had with him a Louisiana clergy-
man named Bacon � a staunch Union man
of considerable pluck as he had proved � but
not prepossessing physiognomy.  Schell joined
us and made a sketch of the boat.            Back
with him, walking over the sugar-barrels,               
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