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Text for Page 133 [12-24-1862]

                       Christmas Day
appointed New Orleans Correspondent to the
World, not, however, on a regular salary, but
to be paid per letter.       For this no man could
be better qualified, inasmuch as he was hand in
glove with all the rebels in the city, but his drunk-
enness marred all.     For me I believe he had
an unaffected liking; he told me many things
that I should have found it difficult to get
otherwise.   I remembered his kindness to me
on the Post, when he always found jobs for me
when he could.    Naturally I felt some regard
for the man and tried to prevent him going to
the devil, with the usual success.      With How-
ell for a long stroll up Canal Street, return-
ing to dine together at the Southern Restau-
rant.       In the evening with Schell, Howell, 
Hayes and Hamilton to the theatre; �Everybody�s
Friend� and a farce.     Returning to the rotun-
da = an influx of New York papers up to the
16th.  Reading, talk and a stroll.
  25.  Thursday.   Christmas Day.  Idling.
A walk to Gen Hamilton�s.    Upstairs with
Burt, Herbert, Leland and another, in the
balcony.    Almost a June day.   Return to the
St Charles.        Howell and Hayes in their
room scribbling; followed their example.  Turn-
ed out at 4.       To St Joseph Street and the
levee.   A Christmas crowd, the vessels gaily               
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