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Text for Page 134 [12-25-1862]

                       In New Orleans.
decorated with flags and streamers.    Aboard
the George Washington steamer; saw purser; got
off letter.        Back stolling along the levee, where
I met Thorpe, in a military cloak, with his
wife.   The evening breeze blowing freshly; the
sailors of the English frigate Rinaldo doing gym-
astic tricks in the rigging.      Back to hotel.   Di-
ned with Schell at the Southern Restaurant,
on beef steak and onions with ale, both of us talk-
ing of other Christmas Days and imagining what
our friends were doing �at home� � which seemed
with me to mean 745 Broadway on the particu-
lar occasion.   A good fellow was Schell and a
kindly.   Somehow I have a favorable impres-
sion of most Philadelphians; perhaps because
the Edwards family were born there.    I think I
should like to live in the pleasantly-named city
for awhile.        Back to that capital loafing-place
the Rotunda of the St Charles; studying faces.
Abed, tired, by 9 1/2.
  26.  Friday.   Breakfast at the hotel restau-
rant with Schell.   A stroll together afterwards,
to the French Market and quarter, visiting a
show containing only the miserable-looking
bears and a panther; the proprietor unsuccess-
ful in his solicitations that we should try our
fortunes in a Gift Enterprize.    Through the
market, observant.      As both show and mar-               
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