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Text for Page 137 [12-26-1862]

                      In New Orleans.
rain, which resembled a summer shower.
The weather being almost sultry.   In the Ro-
tunda.      A proposition from A. G. Hills, to go
to Berwick Bay, in the La Fourche country to-
morrow, there to visit a negro regiment.     With
Hamilton and Schell, also Herbert to the St
Charles Theatre, where we saw an absurd per-
formance spoken of in the letter on the previous
page.      Left after two acts.       Up in the room
of Shaw and Leland; talk of Banks rule
as contrasted with Butler�s.  To room and 
scribbling up diary.
  27.  Saturday.   A wet day, postponing the
Lafourche trip.   With Schell and A. G. Hills
to the post-office, to Adams� Express &c. Wri-
ting to the Tribune in the afternoon.             In
the evening out with Hamilton and Schell
about own, endeavoring to discover a Creole
ball, Hamilton being especially ardent for
a dance.      The streets very quiet by night.  Our
search proving unsuccessful we had some
lager and returned to the St Charles.    Pre-
sently the vivacious Hamilton took a carriage
and bowled off, subsequently succeeding, I
believe, in satisfying his terpsichorean cravings.
  Not feeling inclined for bed yet, I had another
stroll about the city, alone, returning by 11 1/2
to take a tod with Howell, then to my room.               
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