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Text for Page 154 [01-04-1863]

            Major Burt�s Narrative of
story of the Galveston disaster.   Presently
he accompanied us to the St Charles, Cozzens
coming with him, and all the reporters having
got together (except A. C. Hills who had secured
his notes at Gen. Hamilton�s) Burt gave us his
narrative, which proved exciting enough.   The
objectionable Johnstone also �rung in.� Schell
was a spectator of course.       A. G. Hills fussed,
as usual, being dreadfully nervous.       Ale and
liquors ordered for the crowd (for which I had
to pay subsequently � about # 7 worth.)    The
narrative over, the fellows dispersed to their
rooms to get to work on it, Johnstone in-
vading the apartment occupied by Howell and
Hayes, where he borrowed a quire of writing
paper from the latter and encroached on their
small table.
  5.  Monday.  In doors all day writing,
Schell drawing.   With us, the nuisance John-
stone, who when the good-natured Burt
came up again actually wanted him to dic-
tate to him literally!  �I�ve got as far as
�A scene of the wildest confusion now pre-
vailed,�� said he.       A pretty strong expres-
sion of scorn quashed this ingenious expe-
dient.     Afterwards Johnstone got to survey-
ing his head on the looking-glass in my light
at which I revolted, telling him that he aught,               
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