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Text for Page 158 [01-06-1863]

                Reportorial Labour about
additional particulars � all proceedings
to be for the benefit of the community.  Johnstone,
shaken off by Howell, endeavored to attach him
self to Hayes and me, when I, riled, made
a dead stop on the levee, told him to choose his
way and we�d take t�other; that we wanted to be
alone and would be.   Then he complied.  Hayes
and I went first to Butler�s ex-residence, then
to the quartermasters office in Lafayette Square.
(The honest Boston lad had quite a boy�s tastes;
he went into a baker�s shop to buy what they call
�jumble� in England.)     Returning, with the inform
ation that the Mississippi would sail that night,
we met Capt. Sawyer of the Gulf railway,
who was full of laughter at Hamilton�s beha-
viour during a recent visit to Knapp�s plan-
tation.     The negroes had appeared sullen and
mutinous, and when Hamilton was shown to bed,
Knapp put a double-barrelled gun at his bed-
side, for his guest to protect himself, in case of
a servile insurrection.    Hamilton, whose bed
was shared by Sawyer, was awfully frightened.
At the Mary A. Boardman again.    All the fellows
back, and at work in the cabin.          The Cum-
bria�s narrative.   Schell had gone off, before,
easily, leaving his drawings to my charge.    The
rest ended their scribbling by 4.    Then, leaving
A. G. Hills, Hayes and the offensive Johnstone               
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