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Text for Page 162 [01-06-1863]

                        A �Sell.�
and mouth are equally round and open,
and he tells us that Dyer has been arrested,
and conveyed away, bag and baggage!  A gene-
ral storm of rage.    Howell and A. C. Hills
determine to go aboard the steamer and there oc-
cupy the night in re-writing their narratives,
while I, who feel too used-up to attempt the
same, must return by it to New York, writing
by the way.  Enter Schell who confirms Hayes.
Hastily into respective rooms, putting up traps 
(I recollect how I looked at my bed � the bed
on which I had hoped to have slept so soundly
that night!) then descent into the Rotunda, where
we all assemble round the goodnatured Mc Clure,
who with Schell and A. G. Hills exhorts us
to temporary peace, saying that Gen. Banks
has promised to restore our packages.  Grudging-
ly we assent and return up-stairs to the room
of A. C. when the story explodes as a prodigious
�Sell� on the party by A. G., Schell and as a 
mild accomplice Hayes.    They had found Dyer
calmly sleeping in his berth, but securing the pack-
ages, had handed them over to the purser.     Only
A. C. Hills, whose self-esteem was hurt, resented
the trick.      An uproarious celebration of it by
whiskey-skins till midnight, then we break up
and retire to our much-needed beds.
  7.  Wednesday.   Abed till 11.  Howell off for               
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