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Text for Page 167 [01-08-1863]

                  From New Orleans
ern Restaurant with Hills and Schell, and
from thence, with the former, to the Varieties,
where we saw the termination of an absurd
drama on the French Revolution and John
Brougham�s �Pocahontas.�  Hayes, Bogert
and Cozzens were there.     Anon to hotel, find-
ing Shaw talking with Hamilton.
  9.  Friday.   Abed till 11 �.  A. C. Hills up,
going to Baton Rouge.  Breakfasted alone, on
eggs and oysters.      To Quartermasters: got
passes up and down the river for four of us.
Saw Bogert at Holabird�s office.    Back; packed
up and down-stairs to Shaw and A. C.   Pre-
viously gave Ripley the details of the land-fight
at Galveston, for him to send to the World, in
the absence of Howell.    Into coach to the levee.
Aboard the Laurel Hill a big Mississippi
steamer, with a smoke-stack recently perfora-
ted vy a cannon-shot.       Capt. Thomas and
clerk Brayfogle very civil to us.       Delay.  All
three ashore; dined at Southern Restaurant.
Back to steamer.   Off by 5.   Taking in troops
At Carrollton, twelve miles above New Orleans;
five companies of a New Haven regiment.   In
a capacious cabin, myself scribbling, Shaw
and A. C. playing euchre, with a bottle of
  10.  Saturday.   A rainy morning.   By               
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