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Text for Page 170 [01-11-1863]

                        At Baton Rouge.
resolved on domesticating ourselves in the big
front parlor, where were two bedsteads, and 
into which we carried a table, chairs, mattres-
ses, coverlets, a clothes press and drawers.
Presently Shaw and A. C. arrived, we having
invited them to sojourn with us overnight.  Hills
took possession of our last night�s bed-room 
and the opposite parlor.   Arranging matters
and talk.       Monies confided to the negroes to
buy things.   �Nat� in again, questioning and
questioned.     Lunch.    Sitting luxuriating on
the piazza, in the sunny tranquil afternoon,
listening to the vociferations of a negro preacher
in a little church opposite, which Howell sketched.
News by the negroes of an alarm, the troops
to turn out: we did so, too.    A story that the
rebels intended to make a fight of attacking one
regiment on the other side of the river and really
to do so on this.   So we turn out.     Particulars
in letter on page 156.    Returning to dinner
at our quarters.      Afterwards went out with
Shaw, alone, to O�Gorman�s, whom we met
hard by returning from a successful arrest
of the man in mistake for whom he had col-
lared me yesterday, also other suspected per-
sons.   To the steamer Morning Light with O�
Gorman in the hope to purchase a bottle of
whiskey, in which we failed.     A. C. Hills was               
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