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Text for Page 173 [01-11-1863]

                   The �Gorilla Club�
costive, I diarrhaeish, and we both believed
in whiskey as a remedy, also on general prin-
ciples.   But whiskeyless we went to bed, not
knowing but that the �long roll� mightn�t wake
us up to witness an attack on the part of the
enemy.  Howell wouldn�t undress but I did,
and slept pretty soundly until a legion of
cocks crowed towards morning.
  12.  Monday.  Out with Howell, after
breakfast, first to the steamer Empire Parish,
which campe up last night, then aboard the
Morning Light, which was going to cross
the river to fetch back the regiment there.
Found Shaw in the saloon, he intending to
return to New Orleans, and stayed on
board, writing until the vessel had made her
trip.      Then all three back to quarters to
lunch.     Shaw, relying on O�Gorman�s pro-
mise of sending word when the Morning Light
was really to start, of course got left be-
hind, but made the best of it.   We extempo-
rized a �Gorilla Club� of which my position
at the head of the rable rather than any thing
else elected one �Head Gorilla.�      Hills, who
objected to this, got denominated the �Sinister
Gorilla,� both from his position and behavior.
I forget what Howell was called; Shaw
as an outsider, took the title of the �Hyena.�               
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