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Text for Page 175 [01-12-1863]

                  The �Gorilla Club.�
Our quarters we dubbed �Gorilla Eyry.� When
a good thing was said we beat our breasts
and howled in appreciation.    We had a chorus
parodied from a popular song, thus:
     �On the banks of the gay Mis-sis-sippi
	There dwelt a Gorilla alone!
       On the banks of the gay Mis-sis-sippi
	There dwelt a Gorilla, all alone!�
� sung a little after the style of the burlesque
jodel of �Lulli-li-etee!� which I remember
in my boy-days as prevalent in the streets
of London.      Hills, too, and I used to address
one another in the styles of the newspapers we
represented; thus �our mendacious and utterly
shameless contemporary� would be requested to
pass the ham and eggs at dinner, to which
�the incendiary organ of nigger-worshipping
abolitionists� would politely respond; a
form of badinage in which Howell came in
for his share.       In short there was plenty
of fooling and some humor.    Here are a 
couple of verses (slightly modified) which
Hills used to sing, all joining in chorus:
     �I wish I had a pile of rails
	To fence my garden rou-ow-ownd
       To keep the nasty neighbor�s hogs
	From rooting up the grou-ow-ound!               
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