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Text for Page 178 [01-12-1863]

                The �Gorilla Club.�
     �Then cheer up, my lively lads,
	In spite of wind and weather!
       Cheer up my lively lads!
	We�ll all get drunk together!

       I wish I had a stack of bricks
	To raise my chimney high-hi-hier,
       The neighbours� cats, confound their tricks,
	They piddle out my fi-i-ier!
		Then cheer up, &c�
  Here, too, are fragments from another ab-
surdity, sung in common:
     �Oh, the chickens, they grow tall!
		In Maumee, in Maumee!
       Oh, the chickens, they grow tall!
		In Maumee!
       And they eat �em, guts and all!	
		In Maumee!
       Oh, I wish I was a geese!
		In Maumee! in Maumee!
       For they lives and dies in peace,
       And accumulates much grease
		In Maumee!�
� And much more.  By 3 o�clock this
afternoon, came a Col. Currie of the 133
N. Y. an Englishman who had seen service
in the Crimea, who came to the U. S. about
a year ago, was in the Virginia peninsula,               
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