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Text for Page 180 [01-12-1863]

                    Life at Baton Rouge.
of these drawbacks.  He dined with us.  Anon
the three of us accompanied him to his camp,
in the field to the right of the penitentiary, where
we had whiskey and military disquisitious, and
talk of the mal-arrangement of things in general.
Currie returning with us to our quarters we
talked over the Virginia campaign with limited
hot whiskey and water, sweetened with brown su-
gar and drank in lager-bier mugs.             Abed
about 12, this time without expectation of
untimely uprising.
  13.  Tuesday.  Breakfast on quartette, then
scribbling; I doing up diary.     This till 1 �,
then lunch; then out to see the mock alarm
mentioned on page 157.  Thus for an hour, then
Hills and Shaw returned, while Howell and
I meandered a little.     Returning by the Pro-
vost-marshall�s office met O�Gorman.   Back
to our quarters and dinner.        O�Gorman had
promised to come round in the evening with six
bottles of whiskey and other luxuries, but we
sat till 8 without his appearing, when after
general denunciation of him, Shaw volunteered
to visit Seamans, next door, returning with
a little jug full of whiskey, which was solemn-
ly mixed and shared, with many asseverations
that did the great O appear he should be 
too late to share it.     No sooner had it dis-               
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