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Text for Page 181 [01-13-1863]

              An �Egg-nogg� Party.
appeared but the offender came, with him
a Capt. Merrill, employed as a detective at
New Orleans and elsewhere, an two persons
of the sutler order, who brought with them three
bottles of whiskey, two of some kinds of bitters,
about three dozen eggs, and a big bottle of
pickled gherkins.    General introduction and 
felicitations.  �Egg-nogg� voted for and the ma-
terials confided to the negroes; in the mean-
time �whiskey straight.�      O�Gorman was con-
siderably drunk on his arrival and for twen-
ty minutes, did all the talking, singing and
gesticulating for the party, rather to our annoy-
ance.      Merrill, at the request of his companions, 
recited �Catiline to his banishers� ranting hor-
ribly, to the general applause.    Presently we all
adjourned to our dining-room, one of the back-
parlors and to the egg-nogg.      Here, in order
to suppress O�Gorman, Shaw and I, backed
by the others made Hills chairman, who endea-
voted to moderate the Irishman, with some
success.   He was, however, very offensive, in-
terrupting everybody, and in short acted as
if he had resolved to deserve being kicked out,
which might have occurred but for his condi-
tion.     (On meeting him in the afternoon he
had exhibited a big meerschaum which he had
�found� somewhere in a rebel house, also a               
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