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Text for Page 183 [01-14-1863]

                    Baton Rouge Items.
Howell, visiting the 1st Metropolitan regi-
ment, the 131st New York.   Here I was rec-
ognized by a friendly adjutant, once a Phila-
delphian actor, named Bradley, whom I had
first met in Virginia, while crossing the ferry
from Washington to Alexandria, and again
aboard the Nellie Baker, which brought me
from the White House on the Pamunkey to Old
Point Comfort.   A talk with him and a bit of
a walk to see the disposition of the camps and
trenches.   His regiment immediately behind Cur-
rie�s.     A bit of a rain storm.           Back to tent,
then into the adjoining one, occupied by a jolly
Major Day, related to the great India-rubber
case.     Drinks and talk, then back to quar-
ters, with a N. Y. Herald of Dec. 29th, con-
taining Hills� account of the voyage of the Banks
expedition and the retaking of Baton Rouge.
News that Gen. Augur and staff had just ar-
rived by the Eastern Light, which was to re-
turn immediately.    So all four of us hurry
down to the levee, through the rain.  Aboard
the steamer, across two others.    Wrote a brief
letter in cabin, confiding it to Shaw for post-
ing at New Orleans.        Then off to quarters
with Howell, meeting Merrill by the way and 
taking him with us.    Arrival of Hills and lunch.
Loafing for an hour or two until the appearance               
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