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Text for Page 187 [01-19-1863]

                 Colonel Billy Wilson.
ment, which Hills undertook, our triumvi-
rate receiving, as honorarium, three bottles
of ale and one of sweet wine, which were
incontinently drank.        This day we got the
President�s Emancipation Proclamation, which
I read first to our negroes and then to others
brought in by them for that purpose.    Tues-
day.   To Capt.
Cowie�s office
to return Or-
ley Farm and
inquire about 
whiskey.  Sent
the negro Har-
ry for a �jug�
of the latter.
about; an af-
ternoon in
doors.  In the

Colonel Billy Wilson.

 				evening with
				Howell to the
				camp of Billy
				Wilson�s regi-
				ment, there
				to sup with
				the redoubtable
				colonel and his
				officers, in
				a house, with
				a cheery fire
				burning in a
				the mess room
				beyond.  Wil-
son himself looked very much improved since the
th time I saw him on Staten Island, his com-
plexion being clear and healthy.  He was quite
bald.    His officers seemed goodhumoured fellows
on a democratic footing of equality with one another.
I saw, however, none of the rowdy element in               
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