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Text for Page 189 [01-21-1863]

               Arrival of General Banks.
was in consultation.     Returning fell in
with my two companions.   Gen. Grover and a
party of horsemen rode up.    With Hills and
Howell to the jail, where we saw the prisoners
described on page 159.     The sister of one, a
Miss Hunter was there, a nice-looking girl in
black, who had come within the lines to inter-
cede for her brother.     Returned to quarters
and scribbling.        The three of us dined at Sea-
mans house, according to invitation; also
A. G. Hills.      Afterwards most of us strol-
led down to the levee, whence I presently
returned and got to scribbling, expecting that
a steamer would return and start for New
Orleans within an hour or so.   Back, about
sunset.     Found A. C. Hills aboard scribbling
as for dear life.      Waited awhile, then left
letter with captain of steamer, to care of Bulk-
ley, telegraphic agent.      Out.   Arrival of a-
nother steamer from New Orleans, Howell
and A. C. boarded her in the hope of getting
papers.    Returning, the three of us, A. C.
having, as he supposed, �got ahead of us� by
sending off a letter conveying the intelligence of an
intended reconnoisance up the river by Gen Banks,
told us of it.      So, after supper, Howell and I
set off, to obtain permission to go, Hills ex-
pecting to go aboard the Richmond by 8 A. M.               
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