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Text for Page 190 [01-21-1863]

                   From Baton Rouge
At Augur�s quarters we learnt that Banks
was aboard the New Brunswick, so we went to
the levee and after Howell had stumbled into
an old boat, half-full of muddy water, we
got rowed to the vessel and saw the General,
who informed us that the project was abandon-
ed.    Back in company with Holabird whom I
guided to Augur�s house, and from whom I got
a transportation pass for our triumvirate.      Then
to quarters.   Hills becoming objectionable, selfish
and masterful.        At the outset he had declared
himself the tenant of two rooms, one a bedroom
upstairs, the other a front parlor.      Subsequently
he used our room three-fourths of the time,
shared Howell�s bed, wanted to dictate meal-
hours to his own convenience, and occupied my
rocking-chair.  Only when he wanted to write
did he go to his own parlor.
  22.  Thursday.   Packing up for departure.
In-doors till noon; Hills and Howell out to-
gether.  Return of the latter.  An early dinner.
Settlement of mess account and payment of
negroes.    A. C. and A. G. Hills came in and
dined together.   All to the levee; Seamans and
others there.    In boat to the New Brunswick.
Gen. Banks, Strother and others of the staff
aboard, also Weitzel.     Put my limited amount
of baggage into the cabin occupied by the latter               
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