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Text for Page 191 [01-22-1863]

                     To New Orleans.
and A. G. as all the state-rooms were oc-
cupied, and loafed.   Off for New Orleans.
Supper.   Howell and A. C. disappear and
spend the greater part of the night drinking
in the steward�s room; I sit reading Rode-
rick Random till 11, by which time the
steamer reaches New Orleans.   (Having a
Major General on board they went fast.)  A
general turn-out of berths and going ashore.
Hills and Howell do so.   I turn in to Weitzels
berth over A. G. and sleep till morning.
  23.  Friday.   Got breakfast aboard, then
ashore with baggage and A. G.   To Banks�
headquarters in quest of expected mails.  Then
down St Charles Street to Lafayette Square, where
Hills paid a visit to Mc Clure�s office, while
I mounted guard over the baggage.   While sit-
ting on a step watching the life of the city waking
up, Ripley passed, sober and cordial and we
had a talk.         To the St Charles�; got a seperate
room and waked up the lad Hayes, who was
abed.      Soon all the rest of the fellows came
in, hearty and jolly, except Hamilton, who 
had gone down to Forts Philip & Jackson.   A
loafing, promiscuous day.   A. C. Hills got letters
for me sent on to Baton Rouge by Hayes, by the Iber-
ville, which we had passed coming down the
river.   Two contained in a letter and inclosed               
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