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Text for Page 192 [01-23-1863]

                      Letters remitted
from Boweryem, were for me, one from Han-
nah, the other from Edward Greatbatch or
Bristol.       Hannah�s related the death of her
father.     His complaint, water at the heart, had
increased gradually but speedily; he lay in bed
only three days, and while being removed from
one room to another, he fell on the floor and died.
She asks me most earnestly and touchingly
to �come home.�           I got the letter in Schell�s
room, where he was drawing.             Boweryem
writes amusingly, under the dates of December
5 and 29.          I condense particulars:  First
he mentioned his attempt to see me again on the
North Star, just before its departure.    �This morn-
ing� (Dec. 5.) he met Jewett who asserted that
my engagement to go with Gen. Banks was en-
tirely due to Edge�s endorsement and recommend-
ation, which Boweryem disputed, as well he
might.      Then Mrs Boley will give him my room
shortly; he has ordered a fire to be provided
every night and shall take possession at once,
&c &c.      Haney came at breakfast-time to
ask for opera-glass, which I had handed over
to the bold Mullen.   Next politics and the
Tribune.      Then the later date.     Called at
the office, saw my Baton Rouge letter on En-
gland�s desk.      �Phillips and his Celia were
quarried on Christmas Day: they came back               
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