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Text for Page 198 [01-26-1863]

               �Umbra,� the New Orleans
got an editorial reference to it from Col. Clark
there present.   Looked over New York papers,
too.   To the Post-Office; a ramble; dozing in
the afternoon; a stroll with Howell in the eve-
  27.  Tuesday.   A chilly, rainy, dreary day.
In the rotunday with the fellows.  The objection-
able Johnstone scribbling in the sitting-room.  Since
his last appearance in these pages he had made
sundry attempts at sponging and borrowing from
Hayes, A. G. Hills and Schell.        Scoring up
diary in my cold room, the wind moaning drear-
ily and the small flag on the office of the British
Consulate, opposite my window, blowing fitfully
towards all points of the compass.     In the aft-
ernoon was visited by �Umbra,� otherwise a
Mr Baker, a little, talkative friendly English
man who had lived in New Orleans ever so long,
long before Secession times.  A printer by trade,
he had kept a stationer�s shop and was an un-
compromising Union man � whatever he may have 
been since before the arrival of Farragut and Gen
Butler.     Drinks, talk and supper then out
for a stroll.      My companion told me much
that was interesting about the city in ante-Se-
cession times and during them.       I went with
him to a bar-room called the Cotton Plant,
kept by a Londoner, and very much frequented               
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