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Text for Page 208 [02-05-1863]

               Death of Grace Eldredge.
Southern restaurant, St Charles &c.  Writing
at night to Gay.     In A. G. Hills� room, with
some naval fellows; Ripley came.     To my
room and work.    Presently Schell and A. G.
return from headquarters bringing letters for
all hands.    For me from my mother, from
Haney and Boweryem.      Extracts:  From
Haney: �Many things have occurred since you
left.    Thomson�s wife died a few weeks be-
fore Christmas.    Cause, a scarlet fever super-
vening upon her confinement, the fever caught 
from the little boy.  (Mort�s child by poor �Chips.�)
Can you conceive a more startling coincidence?
as if the first wife were avenged for the
insult paid to her memory by her own son.
It has all the sequence of dramatic tragedy.
Grace leaves a child � a girl � large and pro-
missing; and at present there is a lively
contest for the possession of the same between
F. F. and him, he wishing to leave it with
her for only three years and F. F. desiring
to have it permanently.    No decision, yet,
but I think from his desire to conciliate
the younger daughter he will yield.   It having
become necessary for him to take out letters
of administration upon her estate, it was
discovered that he had spent all but $1500
[words cut off] money; in other words, that he had               
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