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Text for Page 026 [02-05-1852]

              ing during the afternoon       Did Reveille
 {6.  Friday.        Drawing, on Outline
  7.  Saturday}       and &c�s.
  8.  Sunday. Finished Outline.  Fred
and Eddy came in the afternoon, with a
letter from home.  Evening, with Alf
to Chapins, on leaving which we met
Joe, who walked back with me.
I left them, and called at Mrs Kidders,
where I found Lotty.   Had returned
a week ago, husband still down South
quite free and easy about it.   Just the
same queer, wilful little devil as ever. Had
her Southern experience in detail.  How
the Southern women chew snuff, how lazy
they are,  how she, Lotty was twice               
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