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Text for Page 214 [02-05-1863]

              Gossip from Boweryem.
she-B. that I totter and seem about to
faint when the stalwart punisher of �d____d
black abolitionists� passes me on the side-
walk.   He impresses the population of his board-
ing-house as a terrible fellow, addicted to
murder and cannibalism.   The landlady
humbly hopes to give him occasion to leave,
without jeopardizing her life.     You might do
a chivalrous action by writing to her and
proposing to board at her house, referring to
Mr and Mrs Blankman as to the general
peacefulness of your disposition and the
playful suavity of your temper.  x  x  I have
just completed the biggest job I ever had.
I should make $250 to $300 according to 
proportions established by a smaller venture.
I shall clear up my affairs with the expec-
tation of joining you at an early date.   To-
day I have made and received $20.         I
have sent the poem enclosedx to the Atlantic
Monthly.   I have written another, somewhat
longer which I shall alter and amend for
some magazine.    I have also begun one to
be called �Perdita,� of which I will send a 
copy.  x  x  x  I hear it said that a Depart-
ment of Freed men is to be created under
Gen. Butler.      I hope so, for I honor that
[word cut off] thorough-going man.  x  x  I wish
	x See page 95, next volume.               
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