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Text for Page 218 [02-05-1863]

              Affairs at 132 Bleecker Street.
tions in a kind of timeful no-time.  �Vanity 
Fair� is now a monthly, to great detriment and
dismay of the gentle James and many others.
It is as reactionary and flippant as ever. If the
devil really takes care of his own V. F. must
be a bastard.  x  x  x  I take it as an evi-
dence of Edge�s prosperity that he has absented
himself from 132 B. St. since that night.
Watson related that Edge, not long ago, re-
ceived some money from England and gamb-
led it away in a night.          Thus does Fortune
favor the brave by giving them lessons in
prudence, but the brave are not always wise
enough to profit by such lore.   Jewitt�s brother
lately died in Po�keepsie.  The settlement of
his estate takes the surviving brother to the
country.  x  x  Cahill openly boasts that his
intentions are �strictly dishonorable� towards
Miss Delany.     He scoffs at remonstrances
and avows the opinion that woman is only a
being created for the convenience of his own
sex and the gratification of his lust.        If I can
discover Miss D�s masculine relations, I
shall submit the matter to them.       Meanwhile
I shall remind Mrs Boley of the duty she
has to the young woman residing under her
[unclear word]  Watson, with the ingenious and per-
[unclear word] casuistry of a semi-devil, argues               
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