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Text for Page 221 [02-05-1863]

                    Life in New Orleans.
that women are better for not bein conven-
tionally �virtuous�; that their knowledge is in-
creased and their mission fulfilled by their
being inducted into debauchery.  �Evil be then
my good,� seems to be the motto of these elegant
Lotharios.  x  x  Shepherd finds only infinite
drollery and fun in this pitiable proceeding.
x  x  x  I gave a little oyster-supper at
Blankman�s boarding-house, last night, and
entertained the guests with a detailed account
of his defeat and inglorious departure.    He
gives out that you twisted and dislocated
his arm, but that it is well now, and by
�� he�ll cut your throat!�
  6.  Friday.   Up, not too early.   Ripley,
Schell and A. G. Hills in consecutively.
In rotunda.       Expectations of a movement
with Weitzel, Augur and others.    With Ripley
to the post-office; got papers.   Back.   With
Crane to the Sanitary Commission warehouse.
Back to the hotel.   In his room, my own
and Hamilton�s.      In rotunda, in parlor
with Ripley and Schell.   Dined at the St
Charles with Ripley.   Talk with Campbell, a
bitterly Secesh head-waiter, who was de-
lighted with an English �Examiner� which, I
[unclear word] and disturbed by the fact of my being
a Tribune man.   Loafing.   In Hayes�               
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