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Text for Page 223 [02-06-1863]

             A Sunday�s Holiday
room with him and Schell, all scribbling.
A very cold day.
  7.  Saturday.   To the Custom-House
to see Dennison.  Back to the rotunda of
the St Charles; Ripley there, and Hamilton,
sketching at a little table to the admiration
of newsboys.  A. G. Hills in and out.  Loaf-
ing, hither and thither.      It was not the eve-
ning that I got fairly to work, and kept
at it till about 2 next morning, with oc-
  8.  Sunday.}       casional visits to Ripley�s
room on the lower floor; Hayes being in his
room scribbling, A. G. in his.           Baker
up in the afternoon, found him awaiting
me in Ripley�s chamber.   General expectation
of a movement of Weitzel, up the Teche
country.        Baker called at 11 A. M.  With
him to Schell�s room and presently out to-
gether, to a German restaurant for break-
fast, then to Canal Street, where Schell left
us.   A car-ride towards Lake Ponchartrain.
The morning sunny and warm, deliciously
bright and pleasant.     A level shell road
through the swamp, dotted with the stumps of
trees.      Cemeteries.  Occasional �Yankee� sol-
diers out for a holiday.              At a tavern, milk
[unclear word], cigars and talk.    Near a dilapi-
[dated] race-course, once called �the Union               
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