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Text for Page 227 [02-08-1863]

                     Baker�s Family.
then with Baker to his residence in Felicity
Street, some little distance up-town.  Here
we found Mrs Baker, an Englishwoman,
who like her husband, has been three years
in New Orleans, but unlike him, wants to
return to her native country, even before they
have amassed riches, and some visitors �
all British.       One, a photographer, had sus-
tined heavy pecuniary losses in consequence
of his having written a letter expressing dis-
trust of the permanence of the Southern Con-
federacy, which was duly opened at Memphis
and sent back to New Orleans.       Another was
a stationer, �Secesh� in sympathy, with whose pretty
little girl, three years old I soon became
great friends.   Her mother, a Virginian,
had died three months ago.   Mrs Baker
told me a good deal about New Orleans in
Secession times, � during the blockade, espe-
cially.      Then she had gone to market, often,
with a handful of shin-plasters, and re-
turned without being able to buy anything.
She described, too, the city just before the
advent of Butler, with huge bonfires of
cotton blazing all along the levee, vessels
burning in the river, and the streets adja-
cent to it sticky and slippery with molasses,
which the populace was rolling away bar-               
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